Sunday, August 8, 2010

What's New In Tir's World

So life has chosen to explode once again. I've started on a new job. Yes, I left the lab and have gone into medical billing. WHOLE new process to learn but I think I'm getting it down. ^.^ So what's new? Well, I've gotten a second book contracted with Muse It Up Publishing, called Cody and The Elf. Here's the amazing cover :

And what am I working on now?

Well, the next book in the Rikashi Series is up on deck. Also, a second book in The Dragon Wars Series. I'm ALMOST finished the first book of the Tarot Queen's Series and there are still two Kings to write about, so lots of ideas flying around.

Del and I are also tossing some ideas around for a new world as well. Keep an eye out!