Monday, February 1, 2010

New Month, New News!

So some exciting things! Firstly, The Quickening has been nominated for two awards!! First the CAPA - Cupid and Pyche Award at The Romance Studio. I'm up there with some pretty big names so its very cool. The second award is LASR's Best Book of 2009, so go vote for me!

I submitted King of Cups, just waiting to hear back about that one and I'm working on a new story called Jericho. More on that another time.

I'll be guesting at Cindy Jack's blog for her Love Blog-abration, as well as be over at Miss Gingers.

Off I go to write!


Ginger Simpson said...

Just stopping by to congratulate you on being nominated for a CAPA. I had that honor a few years back and it's a great feeling. When you think of all the books they have to choose from, and they select yours, you know you must have done something right. WTG!

P.S. Hope everyone visits Tiranth at my blog on the 11th at