Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Buried under snow...

Yeah...its that bad LOL The snow started on Friday, went until Saturday and has pretty much shut down a lot of things here in Baltimore. I didn't go to the lab Monday but walked up to the bus stop and went in today for a couple hours. Now as I type this, its snowing again and isn't supposed to stop until tomorrow night. So what have I been doing while snowed in? Have a look :

The pounding in my head was worse then any pain I'd ever experienced. I felt hands brushing my cheeks, vaguely registered that someone was talking to me but I couldn't focus because of the pain. Through the fog, I knew there was someone else in my mind with me. Who are you?

Don't. The voice, distinctly male and angry broke through the pain and then was gone. Retreating but not gone. A little of the pain subsided and I could make sense of the words I was hearing.

"Come on, honey, open your eyes." This voice was female, light and sweet.

Did I have to? Light would only make a headache like this worse. Wake up. Now. Grudgingly I cracked open one eye and found the room blessedly dim. I could make out a face, hovering over mine. "Where am I?" I managed to croak.

"We call it The Bunker. Can you sit up?"

Whether or not I could, obviously this woman meant to make me. Her arm snaked under my shoulders and lifted me to a sitting position. The room spun, making my head hurt that much worse.

"Here drink this."

She held a cup to my lips and I was struck by a foul smelling odor. Grimacing, I pressed my lips together. There was no way I was drinking that. The other woman laughed softly. "I know it smells terrible honey and it tastes worse but I promise it will take the pain away."

Drink it. The presence in my mind surfaced again briefly, commanding and then disappearing again. I figured neither would leave me alone until I drank the stuff and if it made this pain go away, I supposed I could drink it.

I swallowed quickly, wincing at the burn as it slid down my throat. "Yuck."

The woman looked at me with sympathy in her dark eyes and patted my hand. "I know, honey. Just give that a minute to work, k?"

I nodded and leaned my head against the back of the bed, glancing around at my surroundings. The room was rather large but only had one other bed. "Where did you say I am?"

"The Bunker. This will be where you are staying for quite awhile. I'm Miri."

"Kellan Teague."

Miri smiled. "Welcome to the Program, Kellan. Let me guess, Dr. Hutchins didn't tell you much of anything right?"

I laughed and realized the pain was starting to go away. "Yeah, she was pretty vague on the details."

"Typical. The military guards us closely. Only a very few not directly involved in the Program know about us. You want the insanely detailed version or the short version?"

"I think I'll take the short version," I replied.

"Basically you've become a glorified message transmitter for a dragon."

I remembered vaguely something about dragons...and something about a Link. I looked around, other than Miri and I, there was no one else in The Bunker. "So where is it?"

"Outside. Even the little ones are too big to fit in here, honey. Think you can stand up? I'm sure you're curious to see who they paired you with."

As Miri helped me across the empty room, I wondered if the presence in my mind was the dragon. I tried to focus on him again but was pushed away. I could feel his anger. Whoever they paired me with wasn't happy about it. We passed out of the dim interior and into the sunlight. There was a large stone space and then it dropped off. Before I could see how far up we were, I was knocked back a few steps by a gust of wind. A dragon was landing in front of us. He was about a little larger than a draft horse, his underside was dull black but the rest of his scales were dark green. Ridges ran down his back to a spiked tail. He lifted his head and let out a strange warbling cry. For a minute I thought maybe this was my dragon but the voice I had heard didn't match. My dragon was bigger. Much bigger. I glanced at Miri out of the corner of my eye and saw her smiling. "Friend of yours?" I asked, hesitantly.

"Yes, that's my Enoch," she said proudly. She strode forward to stand beside the dragon, rubbing his snout. "Go ahead, call yours."

"How?" I asked.

Enoch and Miri moved away from the edge and the woman gestured. "Step up to the edge. You can feel him in your mind can't you?"

I nodded. He was there but he was most certainly doing his best to ignore me. I did as Miri suggested and stepped to the edge, looking down. We were pretty high up. I could see now a stairway off to the side, leading down to lower levels. There were many other such plateaus and I could see other dragons laying about on the cliffs. The range of colors was amazing. For a moment I was captivated just watching them.

"Well, what are you waiting for honey? I'm busting a gut here to see your dragon."

"You and me both," I muttered. Taking a deep breath, I closed my eyes to concentrate better, focusing on that other presence. Well...are you going to come say hi?

Run away, little girl. Run away.

I'm not going anywhere.

We'll see about that, he snarled. A tremendous roar shook the ground and something red streaked by from below. The wind of his passing knocked me to the ground, my elbow striking the hard rock painfully. I heard Enoch bellow behind me in surprise. A dark shadow blotted out the sun and Miri pulled me back just in time or the dragon would have landed on me. He was huge. Bigger than a house. He barely fit on the platform as he stood on two legs, his wings spread. His back scales were red but the sun glinted off his gold undersides. Two viscious horns curved from above his eyes like a rams to point forward. He roared again, revealing his rows of jagged pointy teeth. "Oh good god, they gave you Jericho," I heard Miri breath in my ear.


Isabel Roman said...

Well it looks like you've been busy! Snowed in up here, too. Another snow day off, though at the moment it's raining. Waiting for the blizzard that's supposed to hit.

Kaye Manro said...

Wonderful writing! You see what this snowbound stuff can do for us?
Yes, we are having terrible snow problems here as well. I did my synopsis for one of the Knight stories and actually posted the opening on my blog on Sunday.
See how creative we can be? I guess we say, instead of getting upset, we write!

Go take a look at my post (still on top) if you haven't yet. We rock!