Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Year's Bash Day 3 - Welcome Natasha Bennett

For our third day of this wonderful new year, I welcome fellow Lyrical Press author, Natasha Bennett!


Hello everyone, and I hope you all had a happy New Year! Today's January the 3rd, so if you're still hung over, then I know you've had a great time celebrating 2010.

A lot of people have not been too fond of 2009 because of the recession, but I think this will be the year I will remember the most. It was the year I officially became a published author with my science fiction book War of the Soulites. A few months later, my publisher, Lyrical press, also gave me a contract for the sequel! In a very short time I learned a great deal about the publishing industry.

For starters, no matter how good your book is, it won't make millions as soon as it's released. It takes work, work, and more work. Even before your book is released your author name is really no different than a brand name, and takes time to develop. And please, don't promote and run, because I can guarantee you that will get you the least amount of sales. Take the time to get to know your reading audience. You might find them to be very interesting people.

Secondly, don't pay anyone for promotion, or editing services. You can easily do that for free. And for the aspiring writing, don't pay to be published either. Do some research before you hand your manuscript to anyone. The hardest yet most rewarding trait to have is patience.

So for those writers that are not yet published, I hope that 2010 is your year! For the ones that are, I hope that you have a profitable year!

Details about my book can be found here!


Denysé said...

Very sensible and sound advice, Natasha. Congratulations on your arrival into the publishing world this past year, and I hope it is a long and productive, as well as enjoyable pursuit for your artistic soul. Good luck with all the new tales you'll be spinning, as well...

All the best, and many blessings to you....

Brigit Aine said...

This is great advice Natasha. I have discovered through my own searching and the help of friends that this can be done!

Missy said...

I definitely agree with "don't promote and run" - That's definitely been the hardest for me, trying to find ways to make myself known to the readers. Thanks for all the great advice.

Missy Martine

Sandra Sookoo said...

Don't promote and run is hard. Promotion is a huge time suck anyway. It's something I need to work on.

Natasha Bennett said...

Hey Sandra,

I agree that finding time to do anything can be hard. Right now I'm working full time, while trying to work on a third book, keeping a blog updated, and creating two websites! It can definitely be hard and frustrating.

That being said, about 90% of my sales have been from people who I've talked to and gotten to know. Before that, I wasted a great deal of time printing posters and hanging them around my city. That got me no sales at all. Either way promotion is time consuming. One way just works better for me than another.

Rebecca Rose said...

Wonderful advice, Natasha. "Promote and run" is hard not to do. I'm working on just concentrating to certain blogs, groups, ect, and getting to know the people then expanding to others. Getting fresh ideas and standing out are the biggest problems us new authors face. Congrats on all your success!