Wednesday, January 27, 2010

New Year's Bash Day 27 - Welcome Joshua Hines!

Today's guest is my youngest brother! In typical little brother fashion, he's not so keen on my erotic novels so don't take it as an insult my fellow erotic writers ^.^

Well, not exactly sure what to write about but I guess I will give it my best shot. “Antonia” (not sure if I’m supposed to use her real name or not, so I will stick with the alias), is my sister and she has been writing for as long as I can remember. One of the best things about being related to “Antonia” is I get to influence her writing. I have a big imagination but I am way too lazy to write a full book. So I just give “Antonia” ideas when I have them or whenever she is stuck and need help.

I believe “Antonia” is a fantastic writer, and it frustrates me incredibly when she resorts to writing erotic works. She writes these erotic works because she says “They sell”, and I have said to her multiple times “So do drugs, doesn’t make it right.” I say this not because I am against her writing porn, it’s not because of that. She writes them for the wrong reasons. She wants to sell sell sell, but her stories like the Rikashi, Dark Shadow, and Jericho ( In the process of being written) are where her intention is not only sell, but to write an enjoyable story for all types of people. When she writes these erotic stories I will not make any attempt to help her and may even seem like I am against her. But that is not true because when she is working on a book like the ones named above, I am more than willing to help and truly enjoy it when she keeps me in the loop. I am her biggest fan when it comes to those works.

I have been reading her daily writings of both Dark Shadow and Jericho. I let her know where she needs work and give my opinion of what would make the story more exciting. But I have to also admit that “Antonia” can be an airhead and once she makes up her mind to do something, it is pretty hard to convince her to do anything other than what she had in mind (Very very very frustrating by the way). And because of this stubbornness she continues to write her stories and they continue to be fantastic pieces of work. But I must point out that she didn’t even want to put her works out to be published at first. It took many days of me, my brother, and her fiancĂ©e pushing her to publish it for her to actually get up the courage to do it. And as we expected her work got accepted and her work got published. And surprise surprise the first book she got published wasn’t erotic in any way. Oh yeah and another thing about “Antonia” is that she really is a caring person even though she can be a stubborn airhead. She will give her arm to you if you really need it and will stand up for family members even if they are wrong. And that’s why I love her as my sister even though I really wish sometimes that she would just shut up and listen haha.


Elle said...

haha! Well I convinced her too that she could publish! You forgot me!!! Silly Josh. Funneh post tho!


Denysé said...

This was so much fun - it's always fascinating to see a writer/friend through the eyes of a family member, and this was a great post!! Thanks for coming by Joshua!!

You're a lucky lady, Tir.


Colleen Love said...

Aww Josh, you make me feel the need to check in with my two little brothers (who tower over me! hehe)! I'm still the boss though, right? :D

It's a wonderful thing that you support Antonia in her writing endevors. I've read her work and think it's awesome! Keep giving her ideas, it's working well!

Keep writing Tir, that's working even better!

Hugs all around!