Tuesday, January 26, 2010

New Year's Bash Day 26 - Welcome Micah Parrish!

For the next two days, we're going to be taking a small break from hearing from authors. Today and tomorrow my guests with be people related to an author, namely me ^.^ Today's guest is my wonderfully patient fiance Micah.

Living with a writer is quite the experience. I enjoy the good things about it and tolerate the annoying things. I could save the good things for last but I think I will get them out of the way first.

A writer is a creative individual and we all know this. My writer is one of the best in my unbiased opinion. One of the best perks of this plays on the fact that I am an avid reader. Simply put I get previews of things as they get to evolve and I get to see the story as it is created. I also get grabbed into Antonia's writings and cannot get out. I turn into a drooling idiot who wants the next chapter or even paragraph as soon as possible. I might be a little annoying myself when it comes to this but she puts up with me. Also as an avid reader I sometimes find myself being able to know what she thinks. Reading someones literary works is a good way to get to know how they think. Not that I cannot be surprised it is just that most of the time I can predict what might happen next. She is still a female and therefore a mystery though.

Well now that I am done with the good part lets get onto the annoying things. I have been woken up in the middle of the night by inspiration. Not my own of course but the lightning strikes the writer. She does not work on a normal schedule. Sometimes she will be writing at three in the morning and I am expected to listen. I am terrible at remembering stuff and easily distracted. I also have a dislike of spoilers. This is the alternate side to seeing how the story is going. Sometimes the ideas are coming so fast that they must be shared with me when I am driving the car with her in the passenger seat. Now I love reading a good story and my normal reaction to spoilers is to balk and be upset. THIS IS THE WRONG RESPONSE TAKE NOTICE! The natural response of course upsets my spouse. The correct response is to gladly ask to hear the new ideas or developments. Otherwise begging and/or bribery may be required to get her to talk to me again. Another annoying thing is the plot twist. For goodness sakes woman are hard enough to understand for men that having a writers penchant for the surprise is totally unfair! Now on to the plotting face as a topic. This is the result of intensive thought and deviousness. Usually this means that nothing I say will have any effect and getting a response will require shocking or vulgar speech or inappropriate groping. Unfortunately the devious ideas are not restricted to her writing sometimes this causes me headaches as her plotting ability is focused against me. Oh woe is me!

But lets be honest any couple has trouble understanding each other. At least as a reader and writer relationship is I can get some idea of her mind. It just means that mind is that much more complex and subsequently dangerous. Oh and some just random interesting things now. I find it amazing that writers try to find out information about the smallest element for their writings. The odd books that she bought for her BDSM writing was quite the eyebrow raiser. This was also a source of humor and teasing available. I am sure in the future I will enjoy myself both as a reader and the spouse of a writer. I just hope I can survive if she starts writing murder mysteries.........