Sunday, January 17, 2010

New Year's Bash Day 17 - Welcome Rebecca Rose

Today's guest is Rebecca Rose!

A Pickily Muse

Writing was not something that I stumbled upon unexpectedly. It was more of a slow realization that I was destined to do something more, something that would make a difference in my life and my family’s lives.

My first novel, Divine Turmoil, was released in 2009. As with all writers, it was a labor of love. However unbeknownst to me and seeing it was my first time in the real editing process, I soon discovered a love/hate relationship with not only my book and characters but also my working process. Soon hesitation, second guessing, and procrastination began to take over. While I finished all my edits on time, other characters and stories went on to the back burner of Microsoft Word. A dark and quiet place where they were left on their own to sort out the abandonment I thrust upon them.

In August 2009 I finished editing my debut release, wrote the entire second novel in the series, and by the end of September had the third completed and all edited. What did I learn? As a novice book writer I in no way had the experience or know-how to take on such a project without consequence. This kind of writer’s punishment is a learned skill and one that will take years to prefect. (I’m in awe at those authors whom can take on such a feet.) My characters in those two other novels weren’t flat or disinteresting, but what did happen is I lost all focus by the final novel to where the main characters screamed and demanded to be the focal point once again.
My muse was tired and her need to feed on something other than my own typed word became a must. It was a few weeks before I could open up those files again. The only thing that thrust me back into writing and editing heaven, (if there is one) was the power of someone else’s voice. I needed to start reading again. I had lost this key element when my muse went into overdrive and then burnt her way out of it. She developed laryngitis, and without her power of speech my voice became mute. I nursed her over those few weeks, not really knowing what it would take to make her better. In desperation, I picked up one of the novels that had me first thinking, “I could be a writer. I already have all the voices in my head.” LOL Don’t we all? Anyway, Nora Roberts pulled me into a reading frenzy and soon my muse, better known at Betsy, began to talk and joke again. I knew she was better when the voices from Word woke me while I slept. They called until I opened their documents and fixed the wrongs I had created in their lives.

Now everything isn’t all hunky-dory. I still have quite a bit of this mess to fix. My characters are as demanding as spoiled children who’ve been ignored for too long. Nevertheless, we are getting to a place where both parties are happy and heading toward our goals for 2010. My lesson learned that I share with you today is one I’ll remember for as long as the Gods shine down upon my new career and then some; be true to your work and your self. Don’t rush what isn’t in need of rushing. While I focused on one goal, to have my whole series completed by November 2009, I lost track of the fact someone will care about these characters, someone will want to read more because they will feel compelled to as much as I am to write about them. (At least this is my goal as a writer)

Reading is important. I’ve heard so many other authors speak this. However in my hurry I didn’t remember to listen. Next time, I hope Betsy will hit me upside the head with a book before she goes silent.


Kat said...

Been there and very recently. Now I'm on forced hiatus because of a broken bone in my hand and I have to admit its helping. I've taken the time to read a few books and new ideas for what I think will be good stories are coming to the forefront. So, once I can write again I think I'll be punshing out really good material. Sometimes we just have to say, that's it! I'm taking a few days off.:-)

Kaye Manro said...

Great post! What good insight. I know what you mean exactly (well mostly!) When I wrote my first novel a couple of years ago, I was in muse bliss. But I soon realized I had a long way to go. I never submited that novel. And if I ever pull it out from the dark recesses of my computer to work on agian, it will be forever changed, because my learning experience as a writer as well as my voice has changed lots. (I call my muse Kiye-- or better, she calls herself that!)

Rebecca Rose said...

Kat, I hope your hand gets better! About 2 years ago I broke my arm; the short stories that followed were my best to date. :)

Kaye, LOL you're right! They do name themselves.
You should pull that novel out. Not only will you get a few laughs as to where you were artistically when you wrote it, but it'll feel like you're visiting an old friend who may want a little love. :)