Saturday, January 16, 2010

New Year's Bash Day 16 - Welcome Angel Martinez

As we motor into the second half of the New Year's Bash, I'd like to welcome Angel Martinez!

Finn’s sulking in the corner today…pardon? Oh, he says he’s not sulking, he’s merely deep in thought. We’ll let him get away with that little fiction today, since I’ve asked him to stop hogging the limelight for a few minutes so I can talk about the upcoming year for us.

Hmm? Yes, all of us, dear. Not just you and Diego. Now hush a moment, and I’ll get to you.

Hi, folks! I’m Angel Martinez, at least the part of me who writes erotic fiction. Had an exciting 2009 and look forward to an incredibly busy 2010 with releases galore and new work on the slab. My first release for the year, Aftermath, already happened, more than a month ahead of schedule! Lioness on the Knife, a collection of steamy short stories, releases March 11th. A little info on each:

Aftermath, Erotic Fiction, M/M Contemporary:

Victor and Cody have it all—a comfortable life, a lovely home and each other but their idyll is threatened when Cody is assaulted. At a loss, Vic is helpless to stop Cody's spiral into depression.

Worse still, just as he begins to show signs of improvement, he is betrayed by an old friend and brutally assaulted again.

Is their love strong enough to survive the aftermath?

Lioness on the Knife: Erotic Fiction, Anthology

Eight stories, eight strong-willed heroines and the men who love them and learn to deal with them, willing or not.

- Aphrodite decides her affair with the self-centered Ares is a mistake. When she fights to save her marriage, she finds there's more to her reclusive husband, Hephaestus, than she thought.
- Zilar, fostered by Amazons, is given in marriage to General Azeria. Intimidated by her and drawn to her, Zilar must learn to please her without angering her other spouses.
- Selena has a degenerative blood disorder the doctors can't diagnose. Alex has some tough decisions to make when he realizes the true nature of her condition.
- Naïve, sweet Cedric's determined to rescue the princess anyway. Too bad she has other ideas.
And more—

Finn, dang it, stop poking at me! Yes, yes…and Finn (M/M Urban Fantasy), of course, our intrepid pooka, who had his first release last summer. Come see where it all began, on a cold day on the Brooklyn Bridge where Finn’s stopped traffic. The story continues with Finn’s Christmas, a holiday short story which serves as the bridge between Finn’s debut novel and the sequel, currently titled Diego.

What now, dear? All right, I’m sorry I yelled at you. (Pookas can be so sensitive.) Oh, yes, thank you, I didn’t forget. Finn wants me to remind everyone that my other persona who writes mainstream Science Fiction, Sandra Stixrude, also has releases coming up this year, the first books in the Anchorage series.

Marya – (Anchorage #1) releases 3/4/2010

Know he will succeed when all others fail you…so reads the fateful letter of introduction which heralds the beginning of Marya's desperate journey.

When the Ktar chooses Marya to watch over the heir on his confirmation journey, she has no illusions about a pleasant trip. A prophecy concerning the heir's death, ominous dreams of a mysterious city, and the certainty one of the heir's companions will betray him all weigh heavily on her.

Unfortunately, the discovery of the assassin in their midst is only the beginning. His menace pales in comparison to the ancient evil lurking in the mountain city. When Marya and her party are trapped and the men with her enslaved, she is forced into a battle of wills and hearts with two remaining choices: give in to the alien being who offers her power and prestige, or join forces with the same handsome assassin she sought to thwart. Lives are at stake and so are her heart and her honor - how can she choose?

Romenel: Voyage into Twilight – (Anchorage #2) releases 4/22/2010

Something is hunting mercenary commander Romenel Devar, a monster disguised as friends and loved ones, so he can't even describe it. He knows it's slowly killing him, though, and he desperately needs help.

Marya and Roke have retired to their house on the steppes, their lives finally peaceful and uneventful. When Romenel collapses on their front doorstep, Marya reminds her husband that no one retires from being a hero.

Their journey takes them to the other side of the world where hordes of monsters lurk and the rules of society have been turned on their heads. Romenel needs to understand both this strange new world and the hints from a distant, shared past to unravel the means to stop the monsters' deadly hunts.

Finn’s quite intrigued by these stories and wants me to read them to him, but he’ll have to wait for the final edits like everyone else. Hence the sulking. Since he’s been so helpful today, I’ve promised him ice cream. He adores Rocky Road. Naturally, it’s only polite to join him. Happy 2010, everyone!


Kat said...

Rocky Road hmm? I don't suppose you have enough to share with the rest of us hmm? Great blog today Angel.

Angel Martinez said...

Thanks, Kat! And if you can get the carton away from Finn, you're welcome to have some. Of course, he's really a big softie and doesn't bite...too hard. :D

Pat McDermott said...

So many stories, Angel! It's nice of Finn to let you to concentrate on other characters :-) Congrats on your releases, and best of luck with your wide variety of writing!

Angel Martinez said...

Thanks, Pat! I think Finn's trying to be a little more selfless these days - probably Diego's influence, lol.

Kaye Manro said...

Hi Angel! It's always so great to see your work. I love Finn-- what a character. Congrats! You have so many diverse genres. Good luck.

Franny Armstrong-ParaNovelGirl said...

You are such a hoot, Angel...oh, and you too, FINN! I can't wait for you both to join us on blogtalkradio Red Rose Authors coming soon. It's strange how hearing a cyber person's voice makes them so much more...real. I wonder what FINN sounds like. No doubt deep, sexy, mesmerizing...mmmmmm
Love the video trailer for AFTERMATH!


Angel Martinez said...

Thanks, Kaye and Franny! (Finn thanks you, too, lol) We're looking forward to the radio show as well. Maybe I'll have to read aloud a bit and make him happy.

Catherine Bybee said...

Finn, darling... I'll bet if you stop poking Angel, she'll remember just fine without you telling her.

I'm happy dancin' for ya, Angel.

Angel Martinez said...

Finn says to tell you I'm the worst sort of forgetful, Catherine, and if he didn't pester me, I'd forget where I left my feet.

He also says he loves the blog where you read to him. Of course, he believes you were reading just for him. *rolls eyes*