Friday, January 15, 2010

New Year's Bash Day 15 - Welcome Ellie Moonwater

Today we have Ellie Moonwater. Ellie was unable to send me a blog post so I pulled together information from her Lyrical Press Page so I could still showcase her here today.

Bio - Hmmm, what can I say - ask me about one of my characters or their worlds and I've got plenty. Ask about me, and everything dries up. I write pretty much anything. Show me a form I haven't tried and it's like Christmas as I try to work it out - actually, I never work it out because I tend to get lost in the story so writing is always like Christmas for me. At the moment I write romance - it's fun, and you meet the nicest people. Playing with the paranormal, fantasy and science fiction genres is what I do best, but the occasional contemporary tale creeps in, too - and then there are the mainstream novels.

Personal stuff? Well I live in Australia, and write under two pen-names. Angel is more of a lady, with a streak of darkness running right to the core, and Ellie likes to explore the hotter climes of romance. When the two of them collaborate, life gets interesting - even if they go off to their separate corners to write.

Blurb for A Gargoyle for the Hotel Gothica:

Buyer beware!

Buying a gargoyle statue from a Scottish castle comes with a curious history…or so Claire discovers after she saves a tourist from a winged attacker.

A gift from the fae is a double-edged boon…or so Duncan McGregor discovers after a series of events felled his house.

When a four hundred year old Scot comes to claim the gargoyle for himself, Claire must decide whether the statue is worth the tourists its unsavory history brings.

Blurb for Hunters of the Nile :

Every era has its hunters...and its prey.

Callie never thought her life could get any weirder or more frightening than when she's kidnapped and thrust the role of fox in a deadly hound hunt. A subsequent fall tumbles her through time and into the arms of an Egyptian warrior.

At first convinced she's landed among re-enactors, Callie discovers some things are exactly what they seem. A captive, Callie finds out reality holds passion, romance and more surprises than she ever imagined.

You can find Ellie's works at Lyrical Press, Inc