Monday, January 11, 2010

New Years Bash Day 11 - Welcome Sandra Sookoo

So today's guest is the wonderful Sandra Sookoo! She's always got a lot going on in her writing world so lets see what she's got up right now.

Hi, I’m glad to be back on Antonia’s blog. This time, I’m talking about my recently released paranormal book entitled The Art of Fang Shui.

Sandra: The great thing about writing this book was that, since it was my first foray into full-length paranormal,

**banging on the door**

Sandra: Just ignore it. They’ll go away eventually. Probably some Girl Scout or something. Anyway, I loved the freedom it brought in creating a world and populating that world with pretty much whatever I felt like throwing in.

And I…

**insistent banging now**

Sandra: Sorry, apparently the moron assaulting the door is going to bash it down if I don’t answer.

**opens the door**

Sandra: Oh look, folks, it’s Edwin Mason and Hannah Weybourne, the couple whom The Art of Fang Shui revolves around. You two might as well come in and get comfy. At least then you’ll stop committing crimes against real estate. I don’t think Antonia would be pleased if you messed the place up.

Hannah: That would be Edwin’s fault. He has no patience and doesn’t like to be kept waiting.

**she runs her hands through short, spiky red hair. Petite and curvy, don’t get her mad or she’ll chew you out**

Edwin: I merely assumed that my knock would be answered in a timely manner.

**he wears a fierce frown and his long, dark hair is tied at his nape like a Revolutionary war hero. He’s the tall, dark and sexy type**

Me: **rolling my eyes as the pair seats themselves on a sofa** What do you guys want? Shouldn’t you be out trying to save the world from some oversexed forest witch or an obnoxious demon lord? I mean there have been rumors…

Edwin: People will always talk, Ms. Sookoo. You should not believe everything you hear.

Hannah: Oh please! Don’t listen to him. He’s too modest for his own good.

**she gives him a good-natured shove on the shoulder**

Edwin: I was simply stating the facts.

Hannah: We’re in-route to Indianapolis. We’ve gotten a good lead on where to find Andre and hopefully take him down.

Sandra: I see. Sounds like a war is imminent. From the looks of your muddy, stained clothing, it would seem you’ve been camping

Hannah: Ugh! If it weren’t for the fact that Edwin kidnapped me and dragged me into some stupid forest—

Edwin: **interrupting** Except for the goblin you attracted. I would remind you, once again, that I did not kidnap you. You came willingly.

Hannah: Willingly is a relative term. You pretty much told me I had no choice and that you needed my Enhancer powers to save the world.

Edwin: This is the truth. You are one of an extremely tiny minority with such energies. You are obligated to help.

Hannah: Don’t remind me. Because of Mr. Cranky Pants here, I’d be safe at home, tucked away in my bed—

Edwin: Not a bad suggestion. You, in bed with something sexy on…

**heated, intense looks are exchanged between the two**

Sandra: Settle down, kids. You’re liable to burn a hole through computer screens everywhere. What’s an Enhancer?

Hannah: **sighs**Edwin explained to me it’s like a supplemental power pack to someone who already has mind powers. Apparently, I’m in high demand by him and the criminal element in the paranormal world.

Edwin: It is extremely annoying that she has an elementary grasp on her powers. More often than not, she creates havoc around her which I have to rescue her from.

Hannah: I do not! Some of those episodes were your own fault. Remember the goat man?

Edwin: I choose to never think of the goat man, thank you.
Hannah: Besides, you like rescuing me because there’s always a reward.

Edwin: Speaking of which—

Sandra: **interrupting** So it’s safe to say that over the course of your travels you’ve encountered a good faction of paranormal life? That must be fascinating.

Hannah: **an indignant snort**Fascinating? I doubt it. Living day after day in a forest with these freaks is stressful, especially if your travelling companion is too anal for his own good. I mean, hello, he won’t unbend enough to allow me to call him a nickname.

Edwin: I would caution you once more that Snookums is not a pleasant moniker any man wishes to be known by.

Sandra: Actually, I’d have to agree with Edwin on this point.

Hannah: **green eyes flash in a glare** You’d better watch it, author lady. He may be a flawed half-vamp but he’s mine.

Edwin: **a grin lifts his well-shaped lips** I appreciate the defense, Hannah. As you can see, Ms. Sookoo, Hannah fits in with the Prophecy quite nicely.

Sandra: Wait, there’s a Prophecy, too? Can you tell me about that?

Hannah: What did I just tell you? **she stands and yanks Edwin to his feet* Since the woman obviously can’t keep her eyes to herself, we’re leaving.

Edwin: **rolls sparkling blue eyes**You will need to excuse Hannah. She is extremely jealous of any woman I talk to, although I will say, the feeling is mutual, especially when she shows an unhealthy interest in that poor excuse of a blond werewolf…

Hannah: Do you see what you did? Now he’s all hot and bothered and it will take me a good half hour of kisses and reassurances to calm him down. Like I’ve got time for that while we’re supposed to be saving the world.

Sandra: Oookay. Thanks for dropping by. Good luck with that whole demon lord thing.

Edwin: You are most welcome, Ms. Sookoo. I regret we have no time for a proper conversation. My Hannah is under the false assumption I am interested in any woman beside her, even though I show her on every occasion how sexy I think she is.

Sandra: I’ll take your word for it.

**the two finally leave, bickering back and forth**

Sandra: Well, there you go, folks. If you’d like to know exactly how Hannah and Edwin came together and into this mess, and if they’ll live to tell anyone else about it, I invite you to pick up a copy of The Art of Fang Shui. It’s a long story and best told in book form.

Here’s the blurb: Hannah doesn’t believe in things that go bump in the night – until they start accumulating on her doorstep. A Power Enchancer, her gift jumps to the forefront of her life, and she has no choice but to take notice when dishy, arrogant Edwin attempts to kidnap her as part of a covert mission to save the Eight Realms.

Edwin is a half-vamp, intent on collecting the bounty on errant paranormal beings. His best-laid plans go awry when he meets stubborn Hannah. He needs her energies in order to vanquish the power-hungry Demon Lord, Andre who’s bent on destroying the world. He’s thrown off guard as she bewitches him with her sarcastic nature as well as her tempting curves.

Together the unlikely duo finds themselves flung into a sticky web of supernatural foes and dark deceit in their quest to protect the world’s magic. If they’re lucky, love will meet them on the other side.

The good folks at Eirelander Publishing can be reached here

Or please drop by my website for more information on this and all my other books


Sandra Sookoo said...

Thanks for having me here today! I hope everyone enjoys the post!

Z(Aasiyah/Nolwynn) said...

Oooh, the mention of Snookums came in!!

Loved it, Sandi! Summed up the feel of the book really well!



Sandra Sookoo said...

Thanks Z! I did the whole Snookums bit on my hubby the other day. He gave me the same look that I'm sure Edwin gave Hannah. LOL

Annie Nicholas said...

Funny post Sandi!

J Hali said...

lol, GREAT! This story sounds totally awesome. Good luck with your sales, Sandi.

Author GE Stills said...

Fantastic Sandi. I loved it.

Kaye Manro said...

This post is completely creative and funny too! Good luck, Sandra. Your book sounds great!

(I'm a new RRP author and just found your blog! I've been blogging for a while now, so stop by and say hi, girls!)

susan said...

Hi Sandra, enjoyed your post and happy to stop by and say hi. You are a new author tome but glad to have met you and now have new book to add to my list. This sound so funny. susan L.

Sandra Sookoo said...

Thanks Annie and J! I appreciate you coming by!

Hey Gary! Glad you liked it!

Kaye--thanks for reading and I encourage you to get the book!

Susan--I'm glad you enjoyed the post! Hope you like the book!

Rebecca Rose said...

Sandra, you're always full of fun and I never know what's going to come next! LOL You're awesome babe. :)


Nightingale said...

What fun interview. I really love it when characters step up to the plate and take over!

Nichelle Gregory said...

What an ingenious idea for an interview! I enjoyed it, Sandi! :)

Sandra Sookoo said...

Thanks Rebecca, Nightingale and Nichelle! I'm so glad you enjoyed the interview :-) I just love these characters :-)

Sandy said...

LOL What a fun post. Good job, Sandi.

Hales said...

How wonderful, I was rolling the whole time I read. Characters in the flesh are always wicked!

Z(Aasiyah/Nolwynn) said...

Oh no, you didn't??? Lol, your poor hubby! Still, if the look matches, means you got the men down pat, innit?

Keep on rocking, darlin - this story is to die for (in laughter and love. And paranormal.. And the mention of Snookums...)