Sunday, January 10, 2010

New Year's Bash Day 10 - Welcome Yvonne Walus/Eve Summers

Today we have an author with two sides. What do I mean by that? Read on to find out!

Murder Cool, Romance Yuk?

Meet two faces of one writer: Yvonne and Eve. Which one is day, which one is night? Which one is the sun, which the moon? You decide.

Yvonne Walus is a murder mystery writer, a poet, a project manager, a wife and a mother. She has 20 books published worldwide, with more to come. One of her novellas explores teenagers' safety on the Internet, the effectiveness of current laws and how ethical it is to spy on your children's online activities (“Witch Hunts on the Internet”, Echelon Press 2008). Another examines the world as it might be in 200 years’ time and what Hanukkah celebrations might look like in that context (“The Hanukkah Time Capsule”, Echelon Press 2009). Mostly, though, Yvonne is a murder mystery author, famous for her “Murder @ ...” series set in the apartheid South Africa of last century.
Eve Summers, on the other hand, writes hot romance (the line between erotic and pornographic is Durex-thin, so she has to dread carefully). Her debut multicultural romance, "A Slave of My Own Desire” was released in October 2008 by Red Rose Publishing, and it’s been followed by 5 more to date, most recent being “Like a Virgin” released in December 2009. The books are in electronic format for now, and selling well. The author is hoping they will come out in print soon, even though it’s a well-known phenomenon that romances often sell better as e-books. “I love the feel of a paper book in my hands,” says Eve Summers.
How difficult was it to switch to a new genre? Yvonne / Eve explains: "Murder mysteries are chiefly a puzzle for the readers to solve. They are plot-driven, and the endgame has to bring justice to the baddies. Romance books are about emotions and the characters. What readers want from romance novels is hope. They like escaping into a world where love can be happy and last forever. Particularly in the current economic climate, a lot of readers turn to romances to sweeten their everyday lives with a happy ending.”

So much for the differences. What about the similarities? “Ok, my fellow novelists are going to be very cross with me,” says Yvonne / Eve, “but both murder mysteries and romances follow a formulaic structure. In a murder mystery, someone gets killed and you have to find out who, while dodging bullets and red herrings. In a romance book, the hero and the heroine have to overcome obstacles or misunderstandings to end up together. So that helps you lay down the skeleton of the book even before you start writing. I also tend to use the same props in both genres: strong confident heroines, family secrets, topical issues, moral dilemmas."

As Yvonne’s six-year old puts it:

“Mom, what are your books basically about?”

“Some are about a murder, and you have to find out who did it...”


“Others are about people falling in love...”

“That’s so yuk, mom!”

There you have it: murder is in, marriage is lame. Out of the mouths of babes!

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Victoria Roder said...

I agree with the six year old. Sort of...I like the happily ever after in my life, but I love to read the mystery. If a couple of characters fall in love along the way, that's a bonus.

Kat said...

I personally prefer the romance. I very rarely read a book that is solely mystery. But then again, your six year old will change his mind about romance when he hits puberty. LOL

JaneB said...

To be able to switch genres with your writing Yvonne is a real gift. just make sure you don't end up murdering your romance hero!
But then i know we could all murder our heroes sometimes!

Great article.

Kat said...

So far I haven't had the urge to murder my heroes but I must admit it was very hard recently not to kill off one of villians.LOL