Sunday, November 8, 2009

NaNoWriMo Update

So NaNo is going well this year! I went into it as excited as I was for my first year (2007), which I can honestly say I wasn't last year. So I think this year I'll make it to 50k again. The story is kinda jumping all over the place BUT that'll be fixed in edits. A lot of my prep time is spent looking for pictures as well as songs. I already shared the songs, now time to share the pictures!

Gareth Le'Vale

Gareth is a mage born in Shift. He is almost forty but the magic of Shift keeps him looking very young. He was the one sent to find Cael and Caim and has become their teacher. His elemental strength is fire and his weak element is wind.


Mallory is a seer. She is in her 60s but as with Gareth the magic of Shift makes her look much younger. She is Chance's teacher, even though she has no magic of her own. She loves books, her house is filled with them and when not teaching Chance, she can be found reading. She does not venture much from her home in Shift.

Elizabeth "Chance" Maddox

Chance came by her name because of the uncertain nature of her magic. She has little control over the results and has no affinity for one element over another. Gareth bestowed the nickname upon her and for years she was a thorn in his side. Now, however, they've realized their feelings for one another and are a couple. Chance is almost always in a happy mood.

and I have two pics of the twins, one put together for me by Delilah and the other by Elle.

by Elle

by Del

Cael and Caim O'Conner

Caim is the ghost. He died at childbirth and his spirit became attached to his twin. He exists somewhere between the realm of the living and the realm in which other spirits and ghosts exist. He can see auras and lines of magic, making it easier for him to manipulate them. He can transfer some of his ability, both passively and actively to his twin. Caim's affinity is water and his weak element is earth. When Cael uses magic, the power flowing through Caim makes his eyes glow with white light. Caim has for the most part accepted what he is, but for the longing of touch.

Cael spent six years in mental institutions due to misunderstanding of his "talking with his dead twin." Cael seems to have affinity for both wind and fire but virtually no control over earth. Cael has violent mood shifts, accompanied by loss of control of his abilities.

And these characters, you'll find out about later! :p


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Denysé said...

VERY nice, Tir!!!! I know this story will be wonderful because you're so excited about it and that's a key element in crafting anything that will entertain and enthrall your readers. Congrats on the NaNoWriMo task - it's one I have never undertaken, so I am in awe of you!

Good luck and keep us updated!!

Hugs and Love,

Colleen Love said...

Very cool, Tir!