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Guest Blogger - Sandra Sookoo

Hi everyone, please welcome the wonderful Sandra Sookoo. She's here celebrating the release of her newest book, Exiles from Christmas, which is on sale from Lyrical Press starting today!

First off, I’d like to thank Antonia for allowing me to post on her blog. I always love visiting other folks around the web and in this instance, I get to share my latest release with you!

The inspiration behind this book was a fascination with Santa. It’s not what you think. It amazes me that the Santa myth still holds strong today and I find it amusing that sentiments are so strong regarding the issue: does he or does he not exist?

So, I decided to turn the jolly old man on his ear and Exiles from Christmas is the result. It’s my take, or explanation on the Santa scene. What’s more, I didn’t just stop with the jolly elf. I’ve taken a lot of the myths and childhood stories and created a sort of “what if” scenario in my Holiday Magic Series.

Here’s a blurb and excerpt for Exiles for Christmas:

Blurb: Santa’s nephews have come to Crystal Falls to run a cookie business. If they fail, they’ll have to go back to the North Pole and fill their uncle’s black boots when he retires. But sick of toys, elves, and the North Pole’s influence, that’s the last thing Landon and Aaron want. They’re looking for love.

Jayne isn’t much for sentimental family holidays and she certainly doesn’t believe in magic. Working in the Crystal Falls post office, she is mystified when she handles mail bearing a North Pole postal mark.

When Landon and Jayne meet, their attraction for each other is undeniable, but will the truth about Landon’s life make Jayne a believer, or will it be his love that finally melts her heart?

Excerpt #4:

Landon was glad when Peg finally walked away. “Tell me why you hate Christmas.” Pleasure snaked through his gut when Jayne’s cheeks infused with a rosy stain. He had the insane desire to see her smile. He wondered if the back of her wrist was ticklish. “Or is it just the commercialism of the holiday that turns you into Scrooge?”

Her lips twitched but she didn’t follow through with a full grin. “Why don’t you tell me why I should like this holiday?” She dipped a triangle of her golden sandwich into her orange-red soup then took a delicate bite.

“Everyone likes Christmas.” He floundered for words. “It’s... It’s...magical.” He broke open the flaky crust of his chicken pot pie to let the steam escape.

“What’s so magical about the whole population of the world succumbing to avarice and greed?” She pointed her spoon at him. “And don’t get me started about that jolly old fat man in the red suit.”

“How do you know Santa is old or fat? Have you seen him?” Her abhorrence to Christmas fascinated him, but the information he was about to tell her would make or break the new friendship.

“Have you?”

It was now or never. For some reason, he trusted her. “Actually, yes. In fact, I know him pretty well.” He kept his gaze glued to her face, alert for any outward signs of derision or ridicule. Prior relationships usually broke down at this point. Some had even ended with drinks to his face or upended dinners in his lap. When Jayne did nothing more dramatic than blink, he released his held breath. Maybe it’d be different this time.

“How can you possibly know him? He’s a make-believe character from story books.” She narrowed her eyes. “Unless he’s an invisible friend of yours.”

Very witty, Jayne. Funny and sexy. A great combination. He fought a smile. “He’s definitely not invisible.” No longer hungry, Landon pushed his mostly untouched plate away. “You never believed in Santa when you were a kid?” He watched as hope briefly flitted across her face but that moment of vulnerability vanished as quickly as it had come.


“Why?” He wasn’t about to give up. He felt a tiny seed of belief buried beneath her protests and he wanted to draw it out. He needed to draw it out, if only to justify his own determination to remove himself from his own issues.

Jayne busied herself by crumbling little bits of her sandwich into her soup bowl. “Santa has always been a disappointment to me.” She captured her bottom lip between her teeth. “When I was eleven, I desperately wanted a microscope. I loved science and thought it would be fun to look inside living things.”

“And you didn’t get it, I assume?” He wrenched his gaze from her invitingly wet lips to focus on her face.

“Of course not.” Bitterness crept into the confirmation. “Not only that, a few months after that, I found all the letters I’d written to Santa in my mom’s underwear drawer. She never mailed them. I understood why later—there was nowhere to mail them to. Santa’s a fake.” She shrugged. “I found all but one letter. She must have lost it.”

“I’m sorry you had a bad childhood. What about now? You’re older and wiser. Do you believe in Santa now?”

“Are you kidding me?” She gaped at him as if he were a car wreck. “Why should I believe now? What’s the point?”

“Because.” Landon cleared his throat. “Santa Claus is my uncle.”

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Thanks Sandra! It sounds really interesting. I love Christmas so I for one will be on the lookout for more! Remember to post so you can be entered in the drawing!


Stephanie said...

Hey Sandra!

Well that looks very interesting!

Sandra Sookoo said...

Thanks for dropping by!

Denysé said...

Oh, I absolutely LOVE the sound of both these stories and the trailers are wonderful!! MUCH good luck with your sales, this is perfect timing for the release, Sandra - and by the way I would love to have you as a guest anytime if you'd like to hang out at my blog someday?? :)

Blessings and many sales!!!
Denysé Bridger

Sandra Sookoo said...

Thanks Denyse! I've got a vampire/paranormal novel coming out in January so anytime late in that month would be awesome.

Sandy said...

Christmas, as a child was always magical, so I can't imagine not believing in Santa when young.

Have great sales, Sandi.

robynl said...

Hi and welcome Sandra; a big congrats on today's release.

I thoroughly enjoyed the trailers- soothing music, wonderful pictures and I was hungry eyeing the cookies. This is a must read book and the trailers made me very sentimental for Christmas.

Amanda said...

Hey Sandra!

I have to say I still believe in the Jolly man in red. So does Cheyenne. Yes I am old enough to know better, but I believe it is what keeps the holiday bright for me and my family.

Awesome blog!


Liena Ferror said...

I remember the days of believing in Santa. My daughter did until two Christmas's ago. I miss the days of "Ho Ho" as we called him.

Awesome blog. The trailers were great!


J Hali said...

Hi Sandi, CONGRATS! on your new release. Your covers are always so wonderful, and this one is no different. I can't wait to get a copy and curl on with milk and cookies.

Best of luck on sales.

Sandra Sookoo said...

Okay, lucky goodie bag winner is Robyn L. Please email me your snail mail address at:

Thanks for posting everyone!

robynl said...

indeed I am lucky; thanks so much.
E-mail on it's way.

Z(Aasiyah/Nolwynn) said...

Loved the excerpt! Your story ideas always amaze me, Sandi! Great job on this, I'm sure it's a stellar read!

Here's to many sales!