Monday, October 12, 2009

Guest Blogger - Marc Nobbs

Hey everyone! Please give a warm welcome to Marc.

Hi there. I’m Marc Nobbs and I want to thank Antonia for letting me crash her blog today.

In my recent post on the Virtual Bok Tour Blog, I wrote about what it’s like to be a man in a woman’s world. I’m talking, of course, about the world of romance, which is dominated by women – both readers and writers.

Today, if it’s okay with you, I’d like to talk about my published books.

So, what can you expect from a Marc Nobbs novel? I’d suggest you go and read Reunion (go ahead and download it, it’s free) and you’ll get a good idea because, even though it’s a very early work of mine, it’s got many of the traits that have become my hallmark.

Firstly, It’s got two very likeable leads in Matt and Kelly – Matt was described as one early reader as the ‘nicest man in the history of porn, ever’, while Kelly tends to split opinions for much of the book but ultimately readers love her as much as I do. It’s a passionate, sexy story, littered with hot sex scenes but in the end it’s just got a really good plot full of twists and turns that lead to a climatic (and happy) ending.

It’s also fairly dialogue heavy at times. I can’t count the number of times I’ve been told that I’m ‘good’ at dialogue. Hell, I’ve even been told more than once that I should turn my hand to scriptwriting for movies. lol

All of these things are my hallmarks. From the hero everyone loves to the heroine we have our doubts about but end up falling in love with. From the twisty, turny plot that races towards the big ending to the passionate, heart-felt, loving sex scenes. You’ll find them all in a Marc Nobbs novel.

But there is a reason I’m giving this story away for free. Reunion is quite old – written before I even thought about going to a publishing house and instead gave everything I wrote away for free. It was my first real effort at writing a longer story. Up until that point I’d only written shorts – less than five thousand words normally. It was also written before I became quite as obsessive about word choice, sentence structure and the ‘mechanics’ of writing as I am now. Still, it’s a good read. Not as good as the books below, but still pretty good. Go ahead and download it and let me know what you think.

Okay, let’s talk about my Phaze books then shall we?

Charlotte’s Secret started life as a short. A single scene with a twist at the end. I actually went through three different ‘twists’ before realising who these characters were and that they had a longer, more interesting story to tell.

The original scene made it into the final book – it’s the first scene of the book in fact, where our hero David goes to visit his sister-in-law in her shop. At first it was written as a husband and wife role playing. Then it became a husband and his wife’s twin sister and then the husband thought it was his wife but was actually her evil twin sister. But none of those felt right until it became what we have now.

Even though most of the book is told from David’s point of view, the undoubted star is Charlotte herself – as evidenced by her nomination as ‘best female character’ in the 2008 Romance Erotica Connection awards. And she typifies what’s best about my female characters. She’s a strong, independent woman – successful in her own right with her thriving business – but she never stopped loving David despite all they’d been through. And they’ve been though a lot.

It’s a quick read and a heart-warming book – and I still managed to get in that twist at the end. But this is a twist that will make you go ‘Aww’ when Charlotte’s Secret is finally revealed.

Lost & Found contains one of my favourite characters – but it’s not the hero or the heroine. And the reason that Colonel Burnett is one of my favourites is very personal – he took the most work on my part to get right. But get him right I did I’m sure you’ll agree.

He’s a tough cookie. He’s stubborn and arrogant and at first is decidedly unlikeable. But then you realise that he only wants what he thinks is best for his daughter, and that he’s suffering from the loss of his son, and you actually start to feel for him.

Lost & Found only takes place because Beth, the heroine, loses her brother in Iraq. He died a hero and his father, a retired Colonel, wants to treat him like a hero with a big military funeral. And that funeral is one of the best scenes that I think I’ve ever written. I defy anyone to read it and not well up.

But ultimately, this story is a love triangle with Beth at its heart. It’s about her struggle to reconcile her natural love for her father (and his love for her) and the passion she feels for a man she met on the internet and crosses the Atlantic to comfort her in her hour of need.

Which brings us to my most recent release – Kissed by a Rose. It’s the longest book I’ve ever written and by far the best. I’ve said it elsewhere and I’ll say it here – I’m hugely proud of Kissed. Chloe, Adam, Cassie, Eddie and even Kim – I love them all. I love the way we are never entirely sure about Chloe’s motives. I love Adam’s absolute belief that she’s on the level and his complete love for her. I love the contrast between the ‘student’ scenes in Westmouth and the ‘celebrity’ scenes at the Royal Premiere and the Oscars ceremony.

I’m gushing, I know, but I can’t help it. I promise you, read the book and you’ll see why.

Well, I think that’s about enough from me. Thanks once again to Antonia for hosting me today. If you want to know more then pop along to my website and take a look or catch me on my own blog. You can also find me on facebook, myspace and twitter.

Thanks again to Marc for stopping by and sharing his works with us! I'll definitely be checking out his free read.


Anonymous said...

Wow Marc... it is so awesome to see an author who is as into his characters as you are. They have obviously made a huge impact on you have on them :)

Your books sound great and I will have to check them out!

Denysé said...

Hi, Marc. Very interesting perspective on characters and their importance, as well as the evolution of your writing. I think all the barriers are falling away in the publishing world as everyone finds their voice is welcome, so you're still in the minority of men writing romance, but many talented guys are starting to publish in this genre now, and it's always wonderful to hear a new voice speak... Your books sound great, and I will definitely be checking out your tales...

Good Luck with everything!
Hugs and Blessings, always ~~

Marc Nobbs said...

Hi Brigit, thanks for stopping by.

Honestly, I never really though of myself as 'into' my characters, but now you mention it, I suppose I am. lol

They are all very, very special to me. I guess they get that way when you've lived with them for so long and nurtured them into being. I guess they are almost like my children in a way. ;-)

Marc Nobbs said...

Denyse, thanks for your comments.

Characters are very important to me. I always say that if you don't have characters that people care about then you don't have a story worth reading.

and if you as a the writer don't care about your characters - how can you expect anyone else to?