Wednesday, September 23, 2009

What is Romance - Guest Blogger: Heather aka Brigit Aine

Everyone please welcome the wonderful Heather!

What is Romance?

Candles, chocolate and soft music? Yes. Sexy lingerie, a big soft bed and a perfect partner? Yes.

Romance is different to everyone – some would say it has nothing to do with sex and others would say it is all about sex. I say – whatever it is to you then make sure you have some in your life.

My husband is great about flowers when no one is looking, or a Border’s gift certificate when he thinks I’m down. To me those are romantic. Not everyone would think so, but in our relationship, the little things that he notices are what make me melt. What about you? In your world right now, what is that seems romantic? That brings the tingles and tears because it touched just the right spot at the right moment and made you melt?

Could it be moonlit walks on the beach? A canopy of leaves overhead with sunlight streaming in? A room filled with scented candles around a canopied bed? A glass of champagne on the edge of a tub full of bubbles?

All of the above has been used in some romance novel or movie somewhere as the ideal romantic moment. So tell me what is your ideal romantic moment?

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So tell me what you think romance is… who knows you may inspire something that ends up in Sensual Treats.



Denysé said...

As always, fun, friendly, and filled with smiles - nice guest spot, ladies....


Colleen Love said...

For me, romance is as simple as a kiss on my bare neck, and something suggestive whispered in my ear, while doing the dishes. Does this make me easy? I hope so, then he will keep coming back! :)

Great blog!


Anonymous said...

Love it Colleen... Mr. C is a lucky lucky guy!!!!