Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Several Updates

Hi out there!

So a lot has been going on over here both in writing life and other stuff. Its been pretty busy in the lab so haven't had much time to update here. King of Swords, the first in the Tarot Kings series, has gotten the final okay from line edits so I should have a specific release date on that sometime soon. Black Velvet, the third book in the Tales of the Rikashi, is in final check as well, got the galley on Monday. That will be coming out on November 2.

I've been working on a short for Denyse Bridger's idea of an anthology of stories written from a picture. Its almost done (good thing too cause deadline is coming up ^.^) So once that is finished I can get back to laying down the bones of King of Cups. NaNoWriMo is coming up and though last year I didn't make the 50k words, I'm hoping this year that I will.

I've discovered that I have an art muse. Apparently she hides alot cause she's scared of Shirak. She's just a tiny thing too. Her name is Ibissa. She's been coming out a little more since I've been going to this crafting group with a couple of friends every first and third Tuesday of the month. I'd like to get into doing photomanips again, I had fun doing that.

And the last thing for now (and I apologize to Del for being so lazy in putting up these awesome-tastic videos) are the trailers for both Black Velvet and King of Swords.