Thursday, September 3, 2009

Black Velvet - Coming November 2, 2009!

Hey all! Just got a finalized blurb and tag line for BV so wanted to share

Always in battle, always alone... A prophecy that cannot be denied.


Determined to avoid a forced marriage, Amara hops a plane to find and recruit Jett, the only man her fellow shifters believe can save them.

Jett cares little for Amara's cause, and an ancient prophecy has told him he must always fight alone. But when the plucky lass shows up in his life and refuses to leave, the last thing he expects is the turbulent emotions her presences brings.

When she's not busy hating him, Amara kind of likes Jett, and Jett can't deny that he's falling for her. But when love ignites between them, can they deny their destiny?

Content warning: Sexual innuendo, explicit sexual situations, language.

Keep your eyes peeled for it!