Monday, September 28, 2009


My website has been updated to a new look and with some REALLY awesome wallpapers by DKRenders. Go have a look!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

What is Romance - Guest Blogger: Heather aka Brigit Aine

Everyone please welcome the wonderful Heather!

What is Romance?

Candles, chocolate and soft music? Yes. Sexy lingerie, a big soft bed and a perfect partner? Yes.

Romance is different to everyone – some would say it has nothing to do with sex and others would say it is all about sex. I say – whatever it is to you then make sure you have some in your life.

My husband is great about flowers when no one is looking, or a Border’s gift certificate when he thinks I’m down. To me those are romantic. Not everyone would think so, but in our relationship, the little things that he notices are what make me melt. What about you? In your world right now, what is that seems romantic? That brings the tingles and tears because it touched just the right spot at the right moment and made you melt?

Could it be moonlit walks on the beach? A canopy of leaves overhead with sunlight streaming in? A room filled with scented candles around a canopied bed? A glass of champagne on the edge of a tub full of bubbles?

All of the above has been used in some romance novel or movie somewhere as the ideal romantic moment. So tell me what is your ideal romantic moment?

Denyse Bridger and I co-own/co-edit a FREE on-line quarterly magazine devoted to the sensuality of romance. The magazine, Sensual Treats, focuses on romance around the world. We have romantic places, foods, articles on sensuality, interviews with top romance authors and musicians and all great things romantic. Stop by the Sensual Treats website at and download the first two Romance Packed issues. Sign up with the website and you’ll get notified of when the next great issue is out. Our December issue is already in the works. We're going darker for the Holidays, with some fabulous paranormal authors, and many other cool things to make your Holiday.... well, a little odder! Stay tuned for more details!

So tell me what you think romance is… who knows you may inspire something that ends up in Sensual Treats.


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Several Updates

Hi out there!

So a lot has been going on over here both in writing life and other stuff. Its been pretty busy in the lab so haven't had much time to update here. King of Swords, the first in the Tarot Kings series, has gotten the final okay from line edits so I should have a specific release date on that sometime soon. Black Velvet, the third book in the Tales of the Rikashi, is in final check as well, got the galley on Monday. That will be coming out on November 2.

I've been working on a short for Denyse Bridger's idea of an anthology of stories written from a picture. Its almost done (good thing too cause deadline is coming up ^.^) So once that is finished I can get back to laying down the bones of King of Cups. NaNoWriMo is coming up and though last year I didn't make the 50k words, I'm hoping this year that I will.

I've discovered that I have an art muse. Apparently she hides alot cause she's scared of Shirak. She's just a tiny thing too. Her name is Ibissa. She's been coming out a little more since I've been going to this crafting group with a couple of friends every first and third Tuesday of the month. I'd like to get into doing photomanips again, I had fun doing that.

And the last thing for now (and I apologize to Del for being so lazy in putting up these awesome-tastic videos) are the trailers for both Black Velvet and King of Swords.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Black Velvet - Coming November 2, 2009!

Hey all! Just got a finalized blurb and tag line for BV so wanted to share

Always in battle, always alone... A prophecy that cannot be denied.


Determined to avoid a forced marriage, Amara hops a plane to find and recruit Jett, the only man her fellow shifters believe can save them.

Jett cares little for Amara's cause, and an ancient prophecy has told him he must always fight alone. But when the plucky lass shows up in his life and refuses to leave, the last thing he expects is the turbulent emotions her presences brings.

When she's not busy hating him, Amara kind of likes Jett, and Jett can't deny that he's falling for her. But when love ignites between them, can they deny their destiny?

Content warning: Sexual innuendo, explicit sexual situations, language.

Keep your eyes peeled for it!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


So I got two more reviews for The Gathering!

Four Pawprints from Howling Good Books!

Four Hearts from Night Owl Romance!

And as of last night The Quickening was the number one fantasy seller at Once Upon A Bookstore (Lyrical Press's store) and The Gathering was number eight!

Working on The Watcher for Denyse's Story from a Picture project. Once that's done I have a little freebie in mind for The Tales of the Rikashi and then its back to King of Cups.