Monday, August 10, 2009

What I did on my summer vacation

Lets see...It was me, my fiance, my baby brother and his girlfriend headed to the beach for 6 days. Sunday started early with a last minute grocery store trip for ice, travel toothbrushes and cookies for the ride. We didn't really want to take Route 50 so we went up 40, to 896 and down 113/13/1. Pit stop at the Micky D's in Glasgow for stretch and tea. Trip down was uneventful really and we made it to Rehobeth Beach around 10:30am. Hit Grotto's Pizza for lunch. (God that's good pizza) and played a round of minigolf. Saw a friend from work at the same mini golf place, which was funny and while we played it started to rain. Luckily the place had umbrellas which afforded some rain protection. When it stopped, we finished the game and were going to walk around a bit since we couldn't get into the hotel until 4pm but the skies looked ominous so we headed out. Ended up taking us an hour to go the twenty miles from Rehobeth to the Fenwick Inn, had dinner in the sub shop across the street, which proved to be pretty icky. Checked in and after the rain stopped, Micah and I went to the beach to watch the waves.

Monday - The four of us went to breakfast and then Amanda and Josh went to the Boardwalk, leaving Micah and I to the beach and our books. Even with the beach umbrella I started getting a headache from the heat and squinting in the sun glare so around noon we went to a different sub shop across from the hotel with similar results, was pretty crappy. The kids were back by this time so we went to play some putt-putt (mini-golf), which Josh won (2/2 at this point) and had dinner at Philip's. I bought some cheapy sunglasses at Sunsations for next time we hit the beach during the day. After dinner, we went down to the beach with the chairs and books, staying until it was too dark to read. Did a tiny bit of writing back in the hotel before bed time.

Tuesday - Breakfast at Dirty Harry's again and then Micah and I hit the Boardwalk. We just walked around and looked in the stores, picked up some presents for the family at home and went to the Ripley's Believe It Or Not museum. Went back to the hotel, cooled off and then went out for putt-putt again, Josh won. This one had a Viking theme and was pretty fun. Philip's was once again our dinner place of choice. Back to the hotel and to the beach for some evening reading. Then it was writing and bed time.

Wednesday - Hit the beach after breakfast, this time braving the waves. I was stupid and wore the sunglasses into the water and lost them when a large wave knocked me for a loopy. There were two little kids swimming near us and I ended up saving the younger of the two from a nasty wave. After we had our fill of the waves, we read for a bit and then hit the hotel pool to hopefully get rid of SOME of the sand, though come to find out, it didn't do any good. Putt-putt for this night was an Australian theme and we played two rounds since it was early and though Josh took the win on one, I did tie him on the second. I was itching for steamed crabs so we went to Bahama Mama's for all you can eat crabs for $23. I ended up going through two dozen so I got my money's worth. Got a coldstone shake and then the usual beach reading, writing before bed.

Thursday - The day looked pretty gloomy so we decided to go to the Boardwalk again. On the bus we heard someone saying it was just going to be overcast so we decided that we'd go for putt-putt in the evening anyway. It started to drizzle when we got to the first second we were the third it was impossible to keep score on the now soggy score card and those of us with glasses couldn't see anything so we just played through. By hole 6 it had cleared and we went to Philip's looking like a quartet of drowned rats.

Friday - Since it was our last day, I decided to get up early for a little beach reading and it was GORGEOUS! If the weekend rate hadn't been so much higher than during the week I would have been tempted to stay another day. We read on the beach for a couple hours and then checked out and headed home. Stopped in Rehobeth again for one last shot at Grotto's pizza, last minute shopping, and one last round of mini-golf, which Josh won. The ride home was a little more fun because we'd bought a pack of mad libs and played those for a little bit. And then we were back home sweet home in Baltimore...and back to work today.

All in all a good vacation but way too short. ^.^


Elle said...

Sounds like a blast Sis! Show us pictures!! glad you had a good time - you deserve it!