Thursday, August 27, 2009

First Love - Red Rose September Contest

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If there is one thing someone always remembers its his/her first love/crush. I certainly remember mine and I don't recall much from my child hood. I was in elementary school. His name was Tyler Stevens. We hung out a lot because our moms took turns walking us to and from school. Of course, this first crush was innocent and all I really wanted was for him to pay attention to me. In fact, at one of his birthday parties, I thought he was talking too much with another girl in our class so I arranged a silly little dance contest.

Do you remember the first time you were in love? The thinking about your love, the counting the minutes until you see him/her again. The believing you will die if you don't see him NOW. Its burned into your memory to call upon again and again through the years. And .... is great inspiration for writing! You can pull all those thoughts and feelings and pour them into your characters. So sit back and think....who or even what was your first love?