Thursday, May 21, 2009

Sarah is visiting from Delilah K. Stephans Sarah's Story

You haven’t met me yet – but my name’s Jett Houston, you’ll get to meet me in The Gathering that comes out July 20th then in my own book Black Velvet that comes out November 2nd. But that ain’t why I’m here. See, the author that I talk to Delilah has this story coming out today – Sarah’s Story and since I have a weakness for redheads I agreed to introduce Sarah to you folks. So here’s Sarah.

Sarah: Well thanks for that less than stellar introduction, Jett. But, Delilah did warn me you were only slightly less abrasive than my brother Carson.

Jett: Is that a fact?

Sarah: Oh get over yourself. I’ve been stuck in the 1850s and grew up dealing with a surly older brother and forced to wear a corset that isn’t sexy – so don’t think you can intimidate me.

Jett: I dunno a corset can be damn sexy.

Sarah: Only when it doesn’t make taking a deep breath painful. So, can I tell these readers about my story or are you going to hang around harassing me? Aren’t you waiting for your edits?

Jett: Yeah, yeah… it’s all yours.

Sarah: Thank you. So, my name is Sarah Elizabeth Beauchamp – in the past. I needed a name and Beauchamp was the only one I could think of. I was the second agent that the Time Displacement Corps sent back in time. I’d been a history major and the chance to go back and observe was too tempting to resist. I was only supposed to be gone for a year – my timeline – just seconds for the TDC. But, for some reason I was never retrieved. Let me tell you, sitting in the April heat of Mobile, Alabama in corset, bloomers, chemise, and gray dress is not fun! I do wonder what happened sometimes when I want to see my family – including my irritating brother Carson.

Not being retrieved caused a real crimp in my style. Do you have any idea how hard it is for a lady of 1858 to get laid? Oh and for sh…er grins and giggles add a tramp stamp to the mix. I mean I wasn’t promiscuous or anything but still. I bought a tiny little plantation about 90 acres and determined to stay out of the way of history.

Then he showed up! Captain Matthew Barrington looking oh so fine in his uniform. But he is weirding me out with his questions. No one has ever asked me some of these questions and the way he’s looking at me. Dear heaven help me!

My story is available now at Red Rose Publishing, so stop buy pick up a copy, read it and then come let me know what you think!

Oh almost forgot – Delilah made this booktrailer thing for us – so enjoy the mini movie!


Antonia said...

/eye roll

I'd say be nice but Jett is being nice so... anyhoos

YAY Sarah! I'm glad your story is finally out there for us to enjoy.