Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Update and a request

Okay, so what the heck has Tir been up to this last week? Well, editing, editing and more editing! I just send my second round of copy edits back to Pam and Delilah and I sent Black Velvet, the third book of the Rikashi Tales series to her. It has been offered a contract and I hear that we have the first co-authored Lyrical release. It will be released in Novemeber. Del and I also, as you could see in the trailer for The Gathering, Del and I found reference pictures for all the characters so far. I'll be posting some of them after The Gathering has been relesed in July.

Um, lets see what else? I'm going to be guest blogging over at Sapphire's Blog
on Friday so make sure you go check that out. I'm not quite sure yet what I'll be talking about but you better believe it'll be something ^.^

Now..Denyse has asked me to repost this. For the original please visit her website so you can click the links if you wish.

7 April , 2009

The Abruzzo Quake

Show on map -- Abruzzo

Dear Readers,
Many of you have written and expressed solidarity with those whose lives have one way or another been dramatically affected by yesterday’s earthquake in Abruzzo. If you are interesting in contributing here are a few ways you can.

NIAF (National Italian American Foundation) has set up a fund for this purpose; Relief Fund.

Another option is through the Italian Red Cross: Croce Rossa Italiana.

Last night saw more aftershocks, freezing temps, and some rain which contributed to making the emergency work and relief efforts even more difficult. Nonetheless, upwards of 100 survivors have been extracted from the rubble thanks to the continuous efforts of the fire departments and rescue teams.

Relief efforts that also need to be pointed out include the temporary medical camps that have been created. One story involves A. who was in labor during the pre-shocks around midnight, and who three hours later when the main quake hit grabbed her newborn in one arm and her I-V drip in the other and b-lined it out of the hospital, now attended by the medical teams, safely in one of these camps.

Other efforts involve sheltering all the people whose homes were destroyed as well as those who can’t return until engineers determine whether their homes are condemned or livable. This is expected to take months. One new temporary camp resident, ninety year old Signora N., lost her entire home as it crumbled around her, blocking her in her bedroom for 30 hours until the rescue team managed to dig through this morning and pull her out. When asked how she kept calm and passed the time, she said “I sat in my bed and did crochet.” …30 hours.

While sad, it is important that psychological counseling too is already being offered to those need it. One cannot imagine what V. and his brother are going through after losing their elderly parents who came to visit them for the Easter holidays; their mother’s body was found shielding their disabled father’s body. This is only one of the many tragic stories that are slowly emerging in the aftermath of the earthquake.

It must however be pointed out that many Abruzzesi immediately began helping each other. As 75 year old N. said on his way to finally rest after 30 hours of helping others, “I was lucky. I only lost my house. Others lost much more. What else was I going to do?” This very pragmatic Abruzzese way of approaching hardship certainly explains how they have managed to already begin the enormous task of rebuilding their lives, towns, and communities.

That said, knowing that others around the world are close to them in facing this task is extremely important. And for this they already give thanks. Your help is truly appreciated.

Kind regards, ed.
The Italian Notebook

My heart goes out to all the people affected by this natural disaster.