Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Ok so...

Since Jo seems to be too busy with her... "kids" I guess I'll have to take over again. First I guess a status report. Got my first royalties check for Quickening...did pretty good if I do say so. Working on the edits for the second book The Gathering with my editor (the wonderful Pamela Tyner) and finishing up a few last tweaks to book three. I definitely have a book four and five in mind, just waiting for those involved to speak up. OH! All those pretty pics in my blog are from my good friend and coauthor Delilah (Her book comes out soon so buy it when it does!).

Now...lets see what was Jo going to talk about? Oh yeah, the dragon types she's encountered thus far. Okay lets start with Leena, Gareth, Gawain and Lancelot (the following pics are from SilverWings over at DA)

Leena and Wei
That's Leena, the silver one of course and Wei (I'll talk about her later)

And that's (from left to right) Gareth, Gawain, and Lancelot

These guys will look like this (this pic is from Delilah) when the grow up:
Blue Great Dragon

Leena and the others are British Dragons, named so because they are found mostly on the British Isles. When they grow up they will be about as tall as a two story house and twice as long. As a baby they are about a foot long. These dragons can breath fire. And no, they don't have any care for gold and they don't hoard treasure. Though they do like shiny things so that might be where the treasure hoarding thing came from. The females of this species are typically larger than the males but there are exceptions.

And next time we'll talk about the Chinese dragons.