Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Guest Blogging Tomorrow

Hi guys!

I'm guest blogging over at Denyse Bridger's blog tomorrow, so please go check it out!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Guest Blogger Today - Denyse Bridger

Thanks to the wonderful Kadian Tracey over at Virtual Romance and Erotic Book Tour Blog, on which I will be guest blogging on April 18th, I've met up with the talented Denyse Bridger, who will be guest blogging here today. So please, a warm welcome for our new friend, Denyse!

First, my thanks to the lovely hostess for the chance to meet her readers today! I’ll give you a very brief bio first: I am Denysé Bridger, Canadian born and bred, and a lifelong dreamer, my life has had several on-going love affairs that shape much of what I write, the American West, Victorian England, cowboys, a passion for pirates, Greek Gods, and Ancient Egypt. The other endless love affair in my life is Italia and all its magic, beauty, and dazzling culture. That passion spills into all aspects of my life.

My first major fantasy novel is AS FATE DECREES. (Available in bookstores everywhere, and on Amazon’s international sites.) A visit to my website will show the diversity of what is currently available, and the mixing of genres and styles that will be employed in many up-coming projects as well. The Italian influence is in evidence with several of the more important works, as many people already know.

To stay current with all these projects, or to just say hello, please feel free to email me anytime, there’s a contact link on the mail menu of my website. Or, feel free to sign up for my newsletter, which is called Romance and Fantasy. If you prefer to chat with me and other readers, the newsgroup is open to everyone. Denysé Bridger News.

Post: Do romance and fantasy mix as genres?

I’m curious, these are two of my favourite genres, so I tend to use them both in stories, often. I’m talking about the fantasy of Lord of the Rings, or Sword of Shannara now, not romantic fantasy. Can you write an epic adventure and still have a romance core, without offending or putting off readers of either genre? I did it in my first major release, As Fate Decrees, and that book was nominated and became a finalist for the very prestigious Aurora Award last year. So… I know it can work. BUT, do you as readers enjoy it?

My next release is again a romance/fantasy blend. It’s called Royal Consort, and will be released in a month or so by Firedrakes Weyr Publishing. I’ve taken an epic adventure, a threat that looms over a world, but the core of it is two people who love each other with tremendous passion and respect. I like that concept. We forget sometimes that respect is as integral a part of love as the passion itself.

And what of the other blend of romance and fantasy – where the fantasy lies in sweet whispers and candlelight and champagne and roses… When that’s the fantasy you want to settle in with, is it an erotic, explicit love affair you’re inclined toward, or is the sweeter, less provocative air of romance that makes you sigh? Or does it move more into the paranormal fantasy where your passion is ignited by a sexy vampire, or a werewolf who needs taming?

Tell me what you like to read, and at the end of the day, we’ll pull a name and see if there’s something in my catalogue that might suit your fancy. My current release is a very sexy vampire tale set in Pompeii just about the time Mount Vesuvius blew and buried the city… Check it out at Absolute XPress, the cover is amazing….

Thanks again for visiting and I’m looking forward to chatting with you!!!

Website: http://www.denysebridger.com
Blog: http://fantasy-pages.blogspot.com
Amore Senza Confini: http://amoresenzaconfini.blogspot.com
MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/denysebridger
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/people/Denyse-Bridger/1152540498
Manic Readers: http://manicreaders.com/DenyseMBridger/
The Author’s Den: http://www.authorsden.com/denysembridger

Acquisitions Manager/Editor-in-Chief
Absolute XPress, Romance Division
E-mail: romance@absolute-x-press.com
Website: http://absolute-x-press.com

Thanks Denyse for stopping by! And here is the trailer for her upcoming release. I'll definitely be taking grabbing this one!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Short and Sweet

for now anyway. I just wanted to put up here that I was featured on Lyrical Press's Blog and that Delilah, my very good friend made me a trailer for The Gathering, my next book.

Pretty kick butt huh? If you like it hop on over to her website (just click her name up there) and get her to make you one. She's very good, very reasonably priced, and can turn it out rather quickly.

Monday, March 16, 2009

The best and worst of writing

I know .. you were expecting a post about the next dragon types right? Sorry, interrupting that cause this is in the front of my mind right now. Del and I are working on brainstorming ideas for Book Four and Book Two is going through copy edits so I was thinking about the best and worst things about writing. Or at least in my opinion what those things are.

The best thing about writing...its what I'm doing right now, the plotting, the planning. The figuring out who the character is, what he or she wants, what the story is. I LOVE figuring out the world and all the little details. It gives me an excited, bouncy rush. I love it, love it, love it. So yeah, that's my favorite part of writing.

And the hard part? You might think its the actual putting words to page but its not. Granted that can be painful at times but that's actually my second favorite thing. Waiting to hear back from a publisher? Nope...not it either. Two things actually come to mind that are tied for the exalted position of my most hated part of writing. The first is....this nasty little two page thing called a synopsis. Yes it is an evil little thing. Remember writing them in school? Well, its all fine and dandy when its for someone elses piece of work but when you are trying to summarize your own? Go find a wall, beat your head against it for about ten minutes and you have the way it feels to do that. The second worst thing is trying to tell someone what you want on the cover. I bet for some people its pretty easy but for me, its like pulling teeth.

So that's it...the best and worst of writing. Surprised? I know I was. LOL

Next post I'll talk about the eastern dragons and soon some other dragon types that haven't been revealed just yet in the series.

Edit 3/17/09
First Happy Saint Patty's day to everyone and second...I got another review from Dark Angel Reviews RRT sent me a review in an email but its not up on their site yet. So just waiting for that one to go live. ^.^

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Ok so...

Since Jo seems to be too busy with her... "kids" I guess I'll have to take over again. First I guess a status report. Got my first royalties check for Quickening...did pretty good if I do say so. Working on the edits for the second book The Gathering with my editor (the wonderful Pamela Tyner) and finishing up a few last tweaks to book three. I definitely have a book four and five in mind, just waiting for those involved to speak up. OH! All those pretty pics in my blog are from my good friend and coauthor Delilah (Her book comes out soon so buy it when it does!).

Now...lets see what was Jo going to talk about? Oh yeah, the dragon types she's encountered thus far. Okay lets start with Leena, Gareth, Gawain and Lancelot (the following pics are from SilverWings over at DA)

Leena and Wei
That's Leena, the silver one of course and Wei (I'll talk about her later)

And that's (from left to right) Gareth, Gawain, and Lancelot

These guys will look like this (this pic is from Delilah) when the grow up:
Blue Great Dragon

Leena and the others are British Dragons, named so because they are found mostly on the British Isles. When they grow up they will be about as tall as a two story house and twice as long. As a baby they are about a foot long. These dragons can breath fire. And no, they don't have any care for gold and they don't hoard treasure. Though they do like shiny things so that might be where the treasure hoarding thing came from. The females of this species are typically larger than the males but there are exceptions.

And next time we'll talk about the Chinese dragons.