Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Its been awhile

Hi guys. Sorry its been so long. Aer and I have been all over the place, finding eggs, figuring out who was going to take care of them. Everyone looks to me like I have all the answers, but I'm kinda muddling through this as I go too. Damn Maedhros, if only we could find a Tinuviel who survived...but anyway, where was I? Right the clans. Lets see, we've talked abotu Tinuviel and Gwindor so that leaves Carnesir and Surion.

The Carnesir are plain and simple warriors. They fight. Its what they do, its what they are good at. Most of them can be pretty thick at times but a few of 'em have more than a candle burning upstairs. These guys can breath fire. So yeah, that's just about it for them.


And that leaves the Surion, these guys are very unobtrusive. They keep themselves out of the spotlight most of the time. Their special ability really defines what they are. With just a touch, they can heal almost any illness or injury. I've experienced that first hand. Its a really nice feeling when a Surion is healing you. Like floating in a tub of warm water being massaged all over. They've stayed neutral in most of the clan conflicts over the years, at least from what I've read.

So that's it for the clans and now you know about everything that I know about it. I wanted to show you the crest I found on Nerwen's journals. Aer said its the Rikashi Crest and it represents all the clans. The red is for Carnesir, the green Tinuviel, the blue is Gwindor and the white Surion. It seems that though the Rikashi can be almost any color, each clan has a higher percetange of those colors. The dragon in the center is supposed to signify Bahamut. I'll tell you guys what I've read about that later. Anyway, I'm off for now, our plan leaves for South America this afternoon. Later