Friday, September 5, 2008

Do you guys know how demanding a baby dragon can be? I thought human babies needed a lot of attention but that's nothing compared to a dragonette. Especially ones like Wei. I don't know how she manages it but some how she always finds herself stuck somewhere. They aren't completely helpless like a human baby but they are too curious for their own damn good.

Anyway, I said I was going to tell you about the Rikashi Clans, right? Well, I suppose a good place to start is mine, the Tinuviel. My Tinuviel ancestor is WAY back in my family tree but somehow I managed to come by it through both my father and mother. Apparently they are distant cousins. I know...kinda gross huh? But they are seperated by several generations so I guess it's ok. Sort of. Back to the point, the Tinuviel are the Guardians. Guardians of what you ask? Of the Great Dragons. From what I've read, Great Dragons aren't very responsible parents. They just lay their eggs and leave. I think the dragonettes could probably survive on their own but its safer if they are watched over by the Tinuviel. Tinuviel can sense the presence of Great Dragon eggs. Its this kind of fuzzy tingle at first and then you can hear the thoughts of the dragon inside the egg. Its a pretty awesome thing, really and as a bonus I can sense when other Rikashi are near. Pretty handy sometimes. Since my great great great many greats...well that doesn't matter how many but Grandmother way back, died there really isn't another Tinuviel to teach me anything about my clan. So far it looks like Mr. Creepy did a good job of wiping out the Tinuviel and, as I'm finding out, the Rikashi aren't much for record keeping.


The next clan is Gwindor, the Mediators. The Councils handle inter-clan issues but the Gwindor used to mediate dealings between the Great Dragons, the Rikashi, and the humans. Their abilities help a lot with that because they can project this calming aura. It doesn't make people completely pliable, it just kinda makes you take a sec and calm anger a little. They can also tell when someone is lying. To be honest, both are quiet annoying especially since Shirak seems to like to pull his mojo on me when I'm yelling at him. Really puts a cramp on a good angry fit. He's lucky I haven't punched him for it yet.


Ok...I think that's enough for now. I mean I could continue but I think Wei is stuck behind the bookshelf again. Until next time.