Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Introducing Josephine

Hello out there. My name is Josephine Moreau, but you guys can call me Jo. Call me Josie and I'll slug you. So, its been an eventful couple of months for me. I mean come on, finding out that dragons are real, that there is another race hiding among us, that you are not completely human, stop a crazy man from destroying said race, and becoming a mommy to a clutch of dragons, all in the space of a few weeks is enough to make a girl's head spin. And I'm making your head spin now aren't I? Ok, lets back it up a few steps, huh?

First...dragons are real. The Rikashi call them Great Dragons. I wouldn't say they worship them but they definitely revere them and after seeing them I totally understand. They are pretty awe inspiring, even little. Why haven't you seen any? Because about eight hundred years ago there was a war, the Melwasul, between humans and the Rikashi. All the Great Dragons and a lot of the Rikashi were killed, one whole Rikashi Clan (I'll get to that in a minute) was thought to be destroyed. I was having dreams about the Melwasul, about a many times over great grandmother, who is thought to be the one who started the whole thing but I'm still digging into that mystery.

What's that? The Rikashi? Ah, they are the race I was talking about a little bit ago. They are shape shifters. They are pretty secretive but I guess you can understand it given what happened. They have this set of rules that helps keep their secrets but it pretty much boils down to "Don't show the humans what you are." They have their own government going on too. A series of councils and sub-councils. Its all pretty confusion but the big point is, you gotta be what they call a Tasartir to be one and preferably female. The Tasartir all have telepathic ability and their scales are metallic colors, bronze, copper, gold, silver. The seats on the councils are passed down through the families, in other words if your Mom is a council member and you're a Tasartir, you get the position. Very medieval but hell, it seems to work. The only Council that isn't inherited is Head Council. Those are elected from the oldest of the sub councils. And the rest of the Rikashi? Well, they are called Elessar and are just regular colors, red, green, blue and so on. I've seen Rikashi of all different colors. I even saw one the other day that was so pale red, he was more like pink. He was a Carnesir so I don't think many would mess with him about it, didn't stop me of course but I got the whole dominant female thing on my side where Rikashi are concerned.

And exactly what is a Carnesir you ask? Well you'll just have to wait awhile to find out. I've got seven hungry dragonettes looking for attention from the "Mother." Till next time.